It is increasingly difficult to navigate through all the new media that is readily available for you and your children. Our aim is to provide you with a single recognizable source for safe, engaging, educational multimedia content for your family. 

My name is Krishna Ramnath. My love for animation began way back while watching segments on Sesame Street and School House Rock. Today I have three daughters and it has been my goal to produce creative animation projects that will serve as similar inspiration to a new generation. With 20 years of animation/video production and project management experience under my belt, and a network of talented creative collaborators I feel that I am well equipped to reach that goal.

At Little Starship Productions we are developing and producing entertaining multi-platform interactive software apps, and video content for preschoolers and parents that encourage imagination and exploration both on and beyond the screen to help foster a thirst for knowledge and a love for learning.


We are currently in production on our self-funded first project, 'The Alligator in the Elevator: Learn to Count' educational iOS and Android app for preschoolers.



Here is a sneak preview at some of the screens from the app...*

*Final app screens may vary slightly.

Rest assured, you can trust that when you see the Little Starship logo, what follows will be safe for your children, engaging, educational and fun for you and your family. Visit for our latest recommendations for the best interactive content available for preschoolers.

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